Sunday, 11 May 2008

Trip to Cinema (really) and a hillwalk

Mon 5th – Golf (rubbish), garden, bridge - excellent day.

Tues 6th – First visit to the doctor as I needed a repeat prescription – you get plenty of time with the doc here and I’ve to go back next Monday for blood to be taken and a sort of general going over which they give to new patients. Went out in the afternoon down to Portnahaven to sit with cup of tea and biscuits in the sunshine looking over the sound to Ornsay. Then in the evening Bronwen and I went to the cinema – the visiting Screen Machine which is a lorry which folds out into an 80 seat cinema. It travels the highlands and islands and we saw Juno (Oscar nominated). Excellent evening.

Wed 7th – First competitive golf (31 stableford points, so reasonable) in hot but windy conditions. Out first real power cut (1 hour) at breakfast time. More seeds sown in the afternoon as it got hotter, the wind dropping. BT left their usual “text message to an ordinary phone”, which is largely incomprehensible, to say that our broadband will be activated on the 14th – so much for “within 5 working days”.

Thurs 8th – Bronwen and I had a day out, climbing the highest hill on Islay, Beinn Bheigier (pronounced Ben Vicker), only 491m high. Day was very warm but hazy, so views not perfect. The photo shows Bron at the top with our house just to the left of the dangling staps. Managed to take this arty photo of a boat in the Sound of Islay while walking along the ridge – looks the med eh?

Fri – Gardening morning and then shopping afternoon. Bought some leeks and red onion to plant, beer from the brewery and had coffee with Dave and Liz Sykes. Day seemed to just drift past.

Sat – Lots of gardening – the veg plot is coming on with parsnips, carrot, and beetroot seeds now planted, and bought plants (callabrese, red cabbage and sprouts) already in the ground.

Sun – First medal at the golf club (early start, though, I have to get up at 6.30 to be there in time for the 8.00am draw) and I played to my handicap (12) in near perfect conditions, shirt sleeves etc. Had the day “off” and watched the Man U v Wigan championship decider in the afternoon. In the evening Sarah and Jimmy came for a meal. We used one of their cottages for several years and they have provided excellent advice to us over the years.

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