Friday, 16 May 2008

Broadband at last - and some bad news

By default you can take it that each week I will play golf on Wednesdays and Sundays and play bridge on Mondays. Bronwen will go to choir on Thursdays (and sometimes Tuesdays) and we shop on Fridays. The blog will only note serious deviations and other events.

Mon 12th – Off to the doc before breakfast to give blood (new patient induction process) then gentle day with more vegetable gardening (peas planted) and got the hose out for watering as things very dry. You can see from the pictures below the progress made in 2 weeks.

Wed – the broadband finally arrived – seems to work fine, so I should be able to update the blog a bit easier. Decided to give up on Nationwide B. Soc who have made a complete fist of changing our address (you only seem to be able to do it within a branch) so we’ll put our ISA elsewhere.

Thursday – Busy day – took Dad to the “old folks” lunch club (one of many on the island – this one is run by the church and actually welcomes everyone). We enjoyed it, especially the talk on gardening on Islay held after it. In the evening I took dad to a talk on Islay’s Geese from the local geese (and much else) expert, Malcolm Ogilvie. Excellent talk with lots of interesting facts.

Friday – bad news day – the buyer of dad’s house, who has been delaying the missives, has now pulled out. His lawyers say they are no longer representing him, so goodness knows what has been going on. We’ve offered it to the next highest bidder and will hear on Monday. On a positive note dad’s community alarm arrived, we dug lots more garden and planted lots of celery, broccoli, cabbage and curly kale which the Ogilvie’s (as per last night’s talk) had going spare.

Sat - good grief - its raining, and cold. Built the last of the flat pack bits of furniture and Bron went off to Tarbert for the weekend to go to the Quaker Meeting.

Sun - went to Foreland House garden (photo) open afternoon and bought some escalonia for hedging round the vegetable plot.

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